GCLBE engages climate change through a robust lens, providing solutions to its crosscutting societal impacts. From awareness building through climate finance to innovation, GCLBE is at the forefront of the global energy transition. Through the Africa Climate Forum (ACF), GCLBE brings together leading minds from different sectors to define pathways to a sustainable future.


GCLBE recognises the primacy of housing as a driver of productivity and wellbeing. Through innovative project design and partnerships anchored on sustainability, we work to provide affordable housing across the African continent.


GCLBE promotes free trade in Africa by providing robust support in the implementation of key laws and policies including the African Continental Free Trade Agreement.


Small businesses are critical to completing value chains and ensuring an upwardly mobile population that would fill the middle class of the socio-economic spectrum. This is more so, considering that a huge section of African and other developing economies are MSMEs that operate in the informal sector. We have taken it upon ourselves to provide solutions that drive inclusiveness and growth among MSMEs.


A competent workforce is pivotal to achieving optimal development. GCLBE designs and delivers products that enable working populations across the African continent acquire the skills necessary for optimal productivity.


African has a young and growing population which is an asset if well managed. A key objective for us is to ensure that Africa realises its potential as the new frontier by developing the youth population through education, skills training, financial inclusion, peace building, and other relevant interventions.


GCLBE employs technology to leverage solutions to developmental problems. We realise the versatile applications of technology and use it as both a response and a medium for delivering solutions. By doing this we increase innovation, accessibility, and affordability.


The partnerships we forge connect all of our work to create a coherent approach to development. We believe that the solution to every African and global challenge lies in existing potentials. By bringing stakeholders together through intra sectoral and cross sectoral partnerships, we create synergies that address key issues.