About Us

As globalization and technology continue to impact our lives at an incredible pace, it is important that legal education keeps pace with this trend. For instance, the law plays a critical role in shaping the boundaries of technology, managing climate change, promoting sustainable infrastructure finance, and regulating of borderless trade. Furthermore, deploying procurement as a tool to shape economic policy, fight corruption and promote inclusive growth is another area where the law is now of great influence, to mention a few. It is our belief that teaching and research in the field of law should be tailored in an interdisciplinary manner to meet these real-life urgent needs.

Yet, legal education in Nigeria currently suffers from a twin problem of inadequate funding and an outdated and very conservative curriculum. In order to meet the unique challenges of the 21st century, the teaching of law in Nigeria has gradually begun to adapt to the needs of the new world economy that is driven by technology and innovation, particularly in leading private universities across the country. These adjustments are not limited to the development of modern and relevant curriculum alone but are also beginning to embrace the use of technology for law teaching. However, there remains a significant amount of work to be done to meet global standards and best practices in this regard.

In essence, the Global Centre for Law, Business and Economy aims to aggregate the input of leading academics from diverse disciplines from different parts of the world towards the study and development of laws and policies that enable business across the African continent. In line with this, the Centre proposes to introduce niche post-graduate courses such as the Principles of Project Finance, Corporate Finance, International Economic Law, International Trade Law, and Procurement Law, as well as extension to innovative project-related financial structures such as Public Private Partnerships (PPPs). 

Our Vision is to be a truly Elite Global Centre for Law, Business and Economy where academics, business leaders, and members of professional bodies from across the world join in a collaborative environment to create rich, engaged research, learning and teaching experiences; to create a globally respected intellectually diverse, innovative active learning community. 

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Our Centre

The Centre aims to address matters of contemporary concerns in business and economic law through a mixed disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspective. The Centre strives for high-quality research outputs that have broader societal impacts. To this end, the Centre will endow fellowships to support short term visits from academics across the world to the Centre for purposes of carrying out research and teaching. The Centre will create synergies with corporations, professional bodies and universities from across the globe to consult, design and deliver continuous human capital and self-development programmes supported through seminars, workshops, conferences and executive courses hosted locally and across the globe.

Centre Goals

  1. Be the focal point for teaching and research in the area of law, business, and the economy in Africa.
  2. Partner with multilateral institutions, the public sector, regulators, and businesses to provide industry-relevant and practically tailored continuing education courses.
  3. Offer cutting edge consultancy services to organizations within and outside Africa
  4. Endow fellowships and support visits from academics across the world to the Centre.
  5. Contribute to the university’s strategic educational and research missions and support synergies between research, teaching, and learning.

Our People

The Centre’s unique feature is the quality, breadth and diversity of the research expertise of its members. The Centre aims to address matters of contemporary concern in business law and regulation using a mixed disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspective. The Centre strives for high-quality research output that has a broader societal impact.

The Centre boasts of members specializing in different aspects of commercial and business law and are recognized across Africa as leaders and stakeholders in their fields.

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