We support our clients through advisory services which cut across our focus areas. Our bespoke solutions are driven by the best research and tailored to suit our clients’ specific operational context.


GCLBE specialises in implementing projects for different kinds of entities including public sector outfits, private profit-oriented companies, NGOs, and multilateral organisations.


As a research institute and policy think tank, research forms the core of our work and informs the other services we provide. We believe that sustainable development cannot happen without actionable data and a core pillar of our approach is to bridge the data gap in the African region.


We offer training on diverse topics. We have trained personnel of government ministries, departments, and agencies, as well as private sector establishments. Our trainings are delivered through in-person and remote channels and can be tailored to meet any special learning needs our clients may have. Relying on a pool of experienced researchers and practitioners, we ensure that every session is a master class.


GCLBE provides full-spectrum publishing services including editorial, printing, marketing and distribution services. We also publish two journals of our own; Nigeria Business Law Journal (NBLJ) and Nigerian Journal of Law and Development (NJLD).