What does the Centre do?

Global Centre for Law, Business and Economy aims to aggregate the input of leading academics from diverse disciplines from different parts of the world towards the study and development of laws and policies that enable business across the African continent. In line with this, the Centre proposes to introduce niche post-graduate courses such as the Principles of Project Finance, Corporate Finance, International Economic Law, International Trade Law, and Procurement Law, as well as the extension to innovative project-related financial structures such as Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs).

What is the vision of the centre?

To be a truly Elite Global Centre for Law, Business and Economy where academics, business leaders and members of professional bodies from across the world join in a collaborative environment to create rich, engaged research, learning and teaching experiences; to create a globally respected intellectually diverse, innovative active learning community.

What are the goals of the Centre?

The Centre for Law, Business and Economy will:

  1. Be the focal point for teaching and research in the area of law, business and the economy in Africa.
  2. Partner with multilateral institutions, the public sector, regulators and businesses to provide industry-relevant and practically tailored continuing education courses.
  3. Offer cutting edge consultancy services to organizations within and outside Africa.
  4. Endow fellowships and support visits from academics across the world.
  5. Contribute to strategic educational and research missions and support synergies between research, teaching and learning.

How can i contact the Centre?

You can send us an email at contact@gclbe.org or +234 904 459 9696